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Our land & heritage

Our heritage

From its early pioneering days, Manjimup has been shaped by the abundance of fresh water, rich soil and tall timber which typify the area.

Our cultures

The evidence of our rich soils is stamped across the landscape - tilled areas grow a wide variety of produce, with potatoes, cauliflowers and broccoli being the staples of the area; cattle and sheep graze contentedly in rolling paddocks; dams and streams are home to marron and trout.

The next generation of trees is grown in nurseries for commercial and re-forestation purposes; fruit trees are laden with apples, peaches, apricots, pears, plums, cherries, avocado, persimmons and other tempting treats.

The harvest of the chestnuts is celebrated with roasting fires, vineyards spread across the land, with cellar doors offering tastes to tempt the palate, and the gourmet black truffle is cultivated here.


Timber is synonymous with Manjimup and its effect on the area is recorded with pride, combined with educational insights, at the Timber and Heritage Park timber and steam museum complex, the King Jarrah, One Tree Bridge, and more.

A drive through the historic mill towns of Deanmill and Donnelly River show how closely our past is intertwined with the present.

Indulge in our many forest walks and experience for yourself the wonders of the tall tree country with its majestic Karri and Jarrah.

Orchards in bloom
Manjimup orchards in blossom

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